Cardura (Doxazosin)
Cardura (Doxazosin) – Medical Facts You Should Know About 

Doxazosin is a quinazole compound used for treatment of urinary retention associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and high blood pressure. BPH may be followed by a numerous problems like difficulty in urinating, urgency, painful urination and many others.

Doxazosin is sold under the brand names Cardura and Carduran. It was first sold by Pfizer. The FDA approved the drug on 22 February 2005.

Cardura should be stored at room temperature (25 C degrees). Heat and moisture can tamper with the contents of the medicine hence should be stored away.

How Do You Use Cardura?

It is always advisable to use this drug under the supervision of doctor. The drug comes in 2 forms - regular tablet and extended release tablet. Both can be taken with or without food. Note that you mustn’t chew or crush the extended release tablet.

If you are being treated for high blood pressure, you need to take 1mg tablet daily. The dosage amount may increase up to 16mg depending upon how slowly you are responding to the treatment. In case of BPH, you should take 1mg tablet daily and the dosage amount may be increased up to 8mg.

Do not stop the dosage without doctor’s approval. Adverse effects may occur if stopped abruptly. The dosage amount needs to be gradually tapered off.

Precautions That Needs To Be Taken

• Liver is sometimes stressed while expelling the drug from the body. Hence, if you are having liver problems, inform your doctor before taking the medication.
• Talk to your doctor if you are taking any of the following medications: antihistamines, medications for erectile dysfunction or medications for ulcers and urinary problems. Cardura may interfere with them and prove to be less effective.
• In case you are having any surgery (dental, eye), tell the concerned doctor that you are on Cardura medication. This is to prevent adverse effects.
• Senior adults need to take Cardura under strict supervision of the doctor.
• This drug is not considered safe for use during pregnancy. Avoid it if you are or are planning to be pregnant. Also, you need to inform the doctor if you are breastfeeding.
• Diet pattern should be as instructed by the doctor. Reduce the amount of salt (sodium content) in your food.

Top Benefits Of Using Cardura

• This is a very effective drug for treating urine retention problems and BPH.
• Doxazosin has proved effective in reducing the intensity of night terrors and nightmares.
• It can also be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
• It is FDA approved and hence, you are secure in the knowledge that it has passed all safety tests.

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