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Retin-A 0.025 % / 20 g x $10.21 x 12 Tubes (Cream)
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Retin - A

Why Retin – A and how it works?

Retin A (Tretinoin) is an offshoot of Vitamin A utilized for skin rejuvenation. Typically, it is prescribed for treating acne and other skin problems originated out of excessive exposure to sunlight or UV rays.

The active ingredient of Retin A (Tretinoin) works by causing skin irritation that causes cells to divide and die quickly; thus enhancing cell production and overall turnover. Tretinoin received FDA approval in 1971

Retin A (Tretinoin) is manufactured by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Tretinoin-powered other medications such as Avita and Renova are used for curing skin acne and face wrinkles respectively.

What is prescribed dosage of Retin A (Tretinoin) and steps to follow while consuming it?

Retin A (Tretinoin) is not an orally administered drug. It is applied on skin and is for external uses only. Retin A (Tretinoin) cream, gel or solution must be applied on skin as advised.

Wash your hands before applying this treatment thoroughly. Then, wash off your face with soap and leave it for dry. After 20 – 30 minutes, apply Retin A (Tretinoin) for your skin problem. It is important to allow your skin to dry first in a bid to prevent irritation. While using the drug, keep it away from corners of eyes, nose and mouth.

Leave the medication on your skin for 1 hour. During this time, do not apply any other skin therapy.

Follow your physician’s advice and instructions mentioned on prescription label of medication. Apply on the skin as recommended. Do not alter the application or dosage yourself. This medication must not be put on open wounds, sunburns and peeled, dry, windburned or irritated skin.

Use Retin A (Tretinoin) for the prescribed course. Avoid getting out in sun while applying this medication. Use of effective sunscreen and protective clothing is important.

Taking Retin A (Tretinoin) for skin acne will make your condition little worse in the beginning. Seek medical help if skin irritation increases and does not go for 8-12 months.

Retin A (Tretinoin) must be stored at Room Temperature. Close the tube or pack when not in use. The medication is highly inflammable. Keep it away from excessive heat and moisture. If you smoke, does not use Retin A (Tretinoin). If applied, let the medication to get dry first.

What to do if I skip a dose?

In case you miss a dose, use it as soon as you remember it. Do not overdo it under impression that it will revive the skin at a rapid rate as over-application can pose you to serious hazards. Unwarranted use is strictly prohibited.

What are dosage preparations of Retin A (Tretinoin) and its benefits?

Retin A (Tretinoin) is available in form of gel, cream and solution. Gel is available 0.025%, 0.05% Tretinoin concentrations; while cream has concentrations of 0.025%, 0.05%. Solution is available in 0.05% amount of Tretinoin.

Retin A (Tretinoin) is utilised for treating acne, fine wrinkles and pigmentation of skin. It works by causing skin irritation that compels skin cells to grow by dividing and dying quickly. It improves cell production. When utilised for acne, new cells replace cells that have caused pimples. Rapid cell turnover will restrict the formation of new pimples on the skin. With same work mechanism, it is utilised for treating pigmentation of skin caused by sun exposure and wrinkles on the face.

Improvements on sun-damaged skin can be seen in 3-4 weeks, while when used for wrinkles, it starts eliminating in 3-6 months. Pigmentation gets better in 6-8 weeks.

Are there any side-effects of Retin A (Tretinoin)?

Excessive application of the Retin A (Tretinoin) can cause pilling of the medication.

The most common side effects of Retin A (Tretinoin) is inflammatory or warm feeling on the area of application and changes in the tone of treated skin.

Dryness, itching and redness occur after applying Retin A (Tretinoin) but it get worse, contact a dermatologist as soon as possible. You may be required top restart the medication with lower concentration.

Some patients have complained of becoming more sensitive to sunlight after using Retin A (Tretinoin). It is advisable to expose yourself less to UV rays and wear full-length clothes to prevent yourself from skin damage while applying this medication.

What are the conditions when use of Retin A (Tretinoin) should be avoided?

Use of Retin A (Tretinoin) must be immediately halted if:

• You are allergic to it or any of its ingredients
• You face excessive burning, stinging or irritation
• You suffer from severe redness, swelling, peeling, blistering or chapping of the skin.

This medication may make you more sensitive towards weather conditions. Ask your doctor about this before using this medication.

Where to buy Retin A (Tretinoin)?

Get Retin A (Tretinoin) instant delivered at your home at reasonable rates. Buy Retin A (Tretinoin) online. Prescription is mandatory while purchasing this skin drug.